/ Mom enterprenuer bazaar

Mom enterprenuer bazaar

The tenth exhibition and sales Mom enterprenuer bazaar will be held in Belgrade, in Delta City shopping centre, on Saturday, October 21, from 10 am to 10 pm. At Mom enterprenuer bazaar, you will have the opportunity to meet Tamar Vasić-Bundalo, the owner of the general medicine offices BLC Beograd-Zemun and about hyaluronic fillers.


It is an effective, harmless and painless non-surgical facial lifting, which corrects skin irregularities (alleviation of eye bags, filling up of small lines around lips, lip correction, etc.). At the treatment site, the skin is hydrated and ages considerably more slowly. In the body, fillers break down naturally, are completely harmless and do not cause allergies. In most cases, half an hour after treatment, you can return to your everyday activities. The effect is visible immediately and lasts about a year.


See you at Mom enterprenuer bazaar.