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All the treatments in our office are performed by Dr Tamara Vasić-Bundalo, a renowned expert with many years of experience. During the treatment, we use the highest quality registered products which help us achieve the effect of a fresh and natural appearance. Medical examination and consultations are free.


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Our dear ladies, we decided to gladden you with our NEW YEAR OFFER. If you do one of our treatments from 1 to 15 December, you will receive another treatment at the same or lower value for free.


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There is no method that will remove unwanted hair forever, but with the LASER HAIR REMOVAL, you will get rid of them for a long period of time. Right now, it is the best moment to start your treatments because of a number of factors...


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HYaluronic fillers


Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide, an integral part of connective tissue. It has great water absorption capacity and maintains skin hydration. Over the years, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin naturally decreases, which accelerates the formation of wrinkles. When it is applied to the skin using needles, it stimulates the formation of collagen and absorbs water, so after 2-3 treatments, the effect lasts longer, the skin looks more beautiful, becomes hydrated and ages more slowly. In addition to wrinkles being less visible, further wrinkling of the affected part of the face is prevented.


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3d mesothreads


Therapy with 3D mesothreads, i.e. the application of fine biodegradable threads is an impressive and prestigious non-invasive cosmetic-medical procedure that perfectly achieves the effect of skin rejuvenation and tissue lifting. The procedure is carried out with the help of a fine needle with a thread of 0.07 mm – 0.15 mm thick and 3-16 cm long biodegradable material. By inserting the needle through the skin, the thread is inserted and remains at the implant site for 6-9 months, thus activating regenerative processes and mechanical stimulation of tissue healing and contraction.

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Botox is the top-choice treatment is recommended if you are bothered by mimic wrinkles in the upper part of the face, such as wrinkles in the forehead region, upright wrinkles between the eyebrows or smile lines around the eyes. Also, excessive sweating in the armpit area can be highly efficiently treated by Botox due to its blocking effect on sweating.


The treatment is highly efficient, the results are visible after 10-15 days and last for 4-6 months. It can be repeated after 5-6 months.

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