Botox is the top-choice treatment is recommended if you are bothered by mimic wrinkles in the upper part of the face, such as wrinkles in the forehead region, upright wrinkles between the eyebrows or smile lines around the eyes. Also, excessive sweating in the armpit area can be highly efficiently treated by Botox due to its blocking effect on sweating.


The treatment is highly efficient, the results are visible after 10-15 days and last for 4-6 months. It can be repeated after 5-6 months.


Botox is a trademark of Allergan company for botulinum toxin type A produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. The toxin is pharmacologically processed to be used as effective and completely safe for medical purposes.


Its basic effect is blocking of acetylcholine receptors i.e. connectors between the nerves and the muscles, which leads to the impossibility of transmitting the impulse from the nerve to the muscle, resulting in reduced or disabled muscle contraction.

Also, Botox in the skin causes reduced or completely disabled sweating, which is used in people who have a problem with excessive sweating, most often in the armpit region.


In aesthetic medicine, Botox is most often used to correct mimic wrinkles in the upper part of the face. They are most often lines around the eyes, between eyebrows and on the forehead.

Very rarely, Botox can also be used for the middle and lower face, as well as for the neck and cleavage region.

In the treatment of hyperhidrosis or increased sweating, the effect is exceptional, patients most often do not sweat at all in the region where Botox is applied and this effect lasts about six months.



The effect of Botox is not immediately visible. When it will start to have an effect depends on the person, but, as seen in our practice, it usually starts to have effect after 3-4 days and gradually increases every day to show the full effect we wanted after 10-15 days.

Sometimes, if the wrinkles are very deep and if there is the so-called memory trace of the wrinkle in the skin (seen as a pink bottom of the wrinkle if stretched), it takes more time, sometimes even a month, for a wrinkle to disappear. In exceptional cases, it stays, but considerably alleviated, only to completely disappear during the next Botox application, leaving the skin smooth.

The region affected by Botox is wrinkle-free, the skin is beautiful, extremely smooth, and this is an effect that cannot be obtained by any other treatment when it comes to, for example, the upper part of the face.

Due to the blocking of sweat glands, these regions require regular skin care and hydration (mostly forehead, especially in patients who normally have dry skin).


The effect is the weakest the first time Botox is applied because the muscles were previously in their full strength and the skin was wrinkled, so it takes a little more time to get a full effect and duration is somewhat shorter than when the treatment is repeated. With every following treatment, the effect is better and long-lasting and its average duration is about 4-5 months.

In our office, we do not insist that patients are constantly under the effect of Botox, they take breaks in agreement with the doctor, so that the muscles, as well as the skin, could at least temporarily recover and regain function and circulation, nutrition ...


Namely, the facial muscles are linked to the skin, and if there is no contraction of muscles for a long time, the circulation and therefore nutrition is weaker.


The injection site usually develops redness, rarely a small bruise. Some patients may experience a headache or flu-like symptoms, mainly during the first treatment.

The eyelid drop (which the patients are most afraid of) occurs only when the botulinum toxin is not professionally applied by the doctor.

Contraindications or when Botox is not applicable:
Pregnant and breastfeeding women and people with neuromuscular disorders.

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