PRP or treatment with own platelet-rich plasma is the best regeneration treatment you can provide for your skin. And if a little amount of hyalurone is added to the PRP, you get a real treasure that will work for days hydrating your skin and giving it incredible brilliance.




PRP is platelet-rich plasma. It is obtained by centrifuging the blood in a special tube which is vacuumed and contains a specially made separation gel, which separates what we need for the treatment. Platelets are important to us because they release many growth factors that support regeneration. In PRP there is platelet concentration up to several times higher than in ordinary plasma.


Thanks to the release of high growth factor concentrations, PRP leads to multiple anti-ageing effects:


  • Increases blood flow through the skin (stimulates the formation of new blood vessels);
  • Stimulates the activation of fibroblasts;
  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin;
  • Stimulates the formation of fat cells in the skin;
  • Stimulates stem cell proliferation,
  • Increases circulation of epidermal keratinocytes - thickening of the epidermis;
  • Improves the immune response and natural antimicrobial activity;
  • Increases antioxidant activity (reduces damage caused by free radicals);
  • Stimulates wound healing.


The real effects of regeneration begin to be seen after three weeks and continue to increase in the following few weeks. It has been perfectly proven in providing brilliance to lifeless smoker’s skin, dry and wrinkled skin, dehydrated or problematic skin. Acne and ulcers may stop appearing already after the first treatment, and the skin that is full of acne scars becomes smoother, tighter and more beautiful. After the treatment of oily skin, the secretion of the sebaceous glands is reduced.


It also showed good results in the treatment of eye bags, especially the dark ones that are otherwise difficult to remove.


PRP can also be used in the neck, cleavage and hair region, in the treatment of all types of alopecia and increased hair loss. If baldness is great and lasts for more than 5 years, this case, unfortunately, requires hair transplantation, but the PRP has proved to be excellent in preparation. Namely, the effectiveness of hair transplantation is much higher if PRP is done before and after it.

The procedure should be repeated several times in agreement with the doctor. The period between the two treatments is determined individually, depending on the skin problem itself and the age of the patient ...


First, the skin is well cleaned, then disinfected, the anaesthesia cream is applied and its effect is waited for 15-20 minutes. During this time, blood is removed from the vein, centrifuged in special tubes designed for PRP treatment, and prepared for use. If necessary, a little amount of hyalurone can be added to the plasma itself for additional hydration. At the end of treatment, a mask and cream can be applied.


The most common side effects are redness at the site of application, rarely a small bruise, and there is a feeling of bloating. The treatment is quite safe, as it is done with own blood plasma, so allergic reactions are minimized.


  • Hematological diseases;
  • Acute infections;
  • Malignant diseases;
  • Systemic and autoimmune diseases.
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